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How does it work?

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The idea of iWorkPay is really simple. It’s focus is to bring Freelancers and Clients in India to an On-line Marketplace where the Clients can post projects according to their requirements and the Contractors can submit a proposal, without having to go through any paperwork. The entire process of iWorkPay can be explained in the following set of steps:

  • Project Posting by Client

    Client posts a Project on iWorkPay. A Clients can post any number of projects with their registered account. Each project is reviewed for approval before going live on the site, making sure that the fake projects and projects created for the sake of advertisement are rejected. A Project Posting has the following details: Project Description, Project Title, Budget, Category, Subcategory, Skills Required, Project Time Frame and other additional details.

  • Proposal Submission by Freelancers

    Once a project is posted, the Freelancers can view the details of the Project on iWorkPay. Based on their understanding of the Project requirements the Freelancers will send a proposal to the client, quoting a price, and adding a Bid Summary, in which they can mention about their profile and also how they are best suited for this project. Each Freelancer is provided 60 bids per month to bid on various projects. This is to make sure that an individual doesn’t just go on bidding for various projects, without making any serious effort on the proposal. Client is notified of each proposal via email.

  • Project Award by Client

    The client then goes through all submitted proposal in their manage project section. The Client can message the Freelancers or ask them for more detail through iWorkPay Project Workroom. Once the client thinks he has found the right candidate, he then goes ahead and awards the project to that freelancer. At this point of time, the project is closed for further bidding.

  • Project Accept by Freelancer

    Once the client awards the project to a Freelancer, a notification is sent to them, to accept the project in 3 days time otherwise the Project Award is automatically rejected. The Freelancer also has an option to reject the project award in case they feel its not suited for them. Once a Project is accepted, the work on the Project starts but before that an essential step is to get the funds escrowed from the client.

  • Finalizing Terms and Getting Funds Escrowed

    So the freelancer has finally got the project, so what’s the next step. The next step is to finalize the terms, in case something needs to be changed. Terms & Milestone is basically a sort of agreement between the two parties on the deliverable and final cost that they have agreed upon. Once this is done, the Freelancer should generate an invoice for the client to fund the escrow amount. This is the most important step for all freelancers since getting funds in the escrow means that you are safe and can begin work with the peace of mind. Same applies for clients, the escrow fund will ensure that the client doesn’t need to make any advance payment and can safely start working on the Project.

  • Completing Work and Getting Paid

    Now the main task of completing the actual work remains. The Freelancer will deliver the work to the Client as per accepted terms, and once that is done the Freelancer can request the Client to release funds. Once the fund is released by the Client, the amount is credited into the Freelancers account and an amount equal to the service fee is deducted from the Freelancer account at that very moment.

    So the process of Hiring and Working on iWorkPay is really simple and you can contact us for any sort of assistance required.


How does iWorkPay make money?

Manage Your Profitable Account

iWorkPay makes money by charging a service fee to the Freelancer from the payments made to them. The service charge vary from time to time. During its promotion period the service fee has been kept at 5% + service tax for all freelancers. Please note iWorkPay doesn’t ask for any upfront payment for creating account, posting projects or for bidding on the projects.

  • Ensurity about Clients and Freelancers Payments

    iWorkPay ensures that Clients and Freelancers are safe and secure while doing transactions by using its Escrow service. The escrow service works in the following way, instead of making an advance payment to the freelancer and thereby putting the money at risk, the Client escrows the fund in the project account and after the freelancer has successfully completed a milestone or project, the funds are released from the escrow to the Freelancer. At this point, iWorkPay cuts a fees equal to the service charge on the amount being credited to the Freelancer’s account. The Freelancers are notified of the service charge while submitting proposals.



All you need to know

Looking for project opportunities is easy on iWorkPay. You can either seek out leads using “Projects search” or you can wait to be notified of leads through Project Invitations.

Searching for projects is the primary way Freelancers find work on iWorkPay. You can search for projects by project name, keyword, or skill category. Additionally, you can filter your results by price, location,category. Once you are done with the initial steps, next step is to submit your proposal. To submit a proposal for a project/job, first you must log-in your registered account.Once you have logged in and created a profile,you can view the jobs and submit proposals for jobs.

  • If you are not getting hired

    When you submit a proposal for a project you’re offering your services to the Client. You’re telling him or her your qualification,capabilities, how long it will take for the job, and how much it will cost. This makes client to choose the contractor of his choice.

    1. You have not completed your Profile. Add Portfolios, Employment, Education and skills to your profile to get highlighted.

    2. Your proposal description may not be good.

    3. Your bid amount may be very high.

    4. You may not have any feedbacks from your previous clients. Ask your clients to send you feedbacks.

  • How do I find someone for my job

    You can either seek out your favourite freelancer using Search Option on the site or you can wait to be notified of contractors through Project Proposals .You can search freelancer by User name, and the ratings of the freelancer

  • How to post a job

    A great way to attract good and expert freelancers is to provide a good and detailed job description.A well written job description is the key.  It helps freelancers plan targeted proposals with precise budget. It is always good to add goals for the job, detailed scope requirements, and time frame expectations.

  • What kind of work is done here

    iWorkpay works to provide a one stop platform to freelancers and employers to their individual needs.Employers get experts for getting their jobs job, n freelancers can find work easily. iWorkPay offers jobs and projects in many categories, which can be viewed by clicking on “Show All Categories”.some of them are listed below:

    1.  IT & Programming

    2. Content Writing and Translation

    3. Finance & Accounting

    4. Data Entry And Admin

    5. Sales and Marketing

    6. Graphic Design & Multimedia

    7. Customer Service

    8. Other (Real estate,Photography and Tutors etc)

  • How do I select the best Freelancer

    The most important one is to choose on the basis of the “RATINGS” which iWorkPay provides for every freelancer/contractor.These ratings on based on the feedback and reviews given by the clients/employers who have worked with the particular freelancer on a job.

    Other ways to decide is  see the overview of the details/profile of the freelancer in which you can see the number of jobs completed  by that  freelancer, number of working projects, total earnings, and the number of clients with whom he has worked.