Ruby on Rails VS PHP for Web Development

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Ruby on Rails VS PHP for Web Development

As a developer, you want a technology that can be maintained long enough for you in order to get a good investment. Many developers will often make their decision considering, depending on the technologies which are highly recommended.

Below I would like to discuss some pros and cons of PHP and Ruby on rails. See how PHP and Ruby on rails can be compared according to the different points like:

When comparing PHP with Ruby on Rails, PHP is more popular than Ruby, because Ruby on Rails is a web development framework, not a programming language. Ruby is the language running on the Ruby on Rails framework in the back-end whereas PHP is the programming language used to code and create websites and web applications.

Ruby on Rails should be compared with Symfony2, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP, and many other PHP-based web development frameworks. So, to understand why there is so much more popularity among Ruby on rails.

A big part of creating a web application is deciding what libraries you want to be used in your web application and how to organize other factors.

Many PHP projects are still not using web application development frameworks. So that many PHP developers would prefer to create a new PHP framework, instead of using the most popular framework such as a ZEND, symphony, etc.

Due to the complexity of web applications with any framework, you will have to spend a lot of time learning that particular framework. So, Ruby on rails tries to simplify the learning by rejecting configuration over convention.

In simple words, the developer or owner has some small time to decide when it comes to organizing, executing and hosting an application. And this is the reason why Ruby on rails is very popular. Many PHP web application development frameworks have recognized it and are following the steps of Ruby on rail web development. This could be the reason for the growth of Ruby on rails. So you can see everything you write in PHP is completely web-focused, while in Ruby there are not many options for you, what code you can write to develop and web application.


Both Ruby on rail and PHP are scalable. However, scalable an application in Ruby on rail Vs PHP will raise common problems. The scalability will be based on how the application was designed. Also, there are many online services for solving scaling problem such as Rackspace Cloud sites and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

For example: When a developer does not have the experience to scale an application, so they go for an online service for finding a solution. There are many resources is available and written for PHP developers, while Ruby on rails has a smaller group of the developer community.


It totally depends on the organization of the web application. A web developer is using a web development framework and maintenance is a much easier. PHP offers a massive selection of Web development frameworks, and designed all specific objectives. In the case of Ruby has a limited selection.

Speed and performance

As we know that PHP is a programming language and Ruby on Rails framework for app web development. The goal of using a complete web development framework is to gain productivity at the cost speed.

PHP is a language designed specifically for the web. In fact, a famous PHP web development framework Laravel starts performing worse than Ruby on Rails. As a result, many benchmarks are useless, because there is much more to the speed and performance of a web application than the language or web development framework. For instance, the network delays, database system, and caching mechanisms can add to a slowdown from 10x to 100x.
So, the design of the application is much more important than the programming language or the web development framework behind it.


If you have 10 PHP web developers for each Ruby web developer and the function of the project depends upon the language, there will be a clear winner in the cost. PHP due to strong competition has lower prices.

While on the other side Ruby on rails is more difficult to learn, so people who choose that language already know how to program. And this is very natural for a PHP developer to move to Ruby on Rails and his experience to transfer PHP to Ruby. And Lastly, many Ruby developers were PHP developers.

Disha Koundal

Author Since: May 8, 2021

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